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It’s great to have you here. We are, like you, travelers in our own way. So, we understand your needs or at least, we will try to.about us

When planning to travel, we must visualize the destination, the mode of transport and duration to decide what we shall bring, thus our numbers of luggage. This often becomes quite a challenge, especially if we are new to travels. So, this is where Bags Solution comes in, as your partner to your bags and packing. 

I traveled a lot. I did my university degree overseas. So, I know how it felt to leave my country, a tropical one to somewhere cold up north. I was a young man then. After graduation, I worked as an engineer and it didn’t take long for me to start a life of traveling. I traveled the whole length and breadth of my country, by land sea and air. One moment I can be at an international expo, the next at an engineering construction plant, a chemical complex and even on oil rigs. My assignment can be a day trip by air, three-day technical meetings and at times, a few weeks overlooking an installation work. So, I think I have the “experience” to give friendly advice and tips to all of you.

I am now resting and doing part-time engineering works, helping my friends. Life is less hectic. I have time for TV, YouTube, the internet and more internet. It was two years ago that I started to venture into the world of the internet after attending an internet sales seminar. So, from then on, I am a full-time surfer and I love it!

about us
on a supply vessel overlooking commissioning works on an oil rig

As a seasoned traveler, I decided to create a travel-related site and hope to make some friends. Kindly visit my little Blog where I am just trying to populate it with something other than engineering.

Feel free to add your comments to the posts. I would be happy if you could share the posts with your friends.
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