2 Quick Solution To A Good Luggage Preparation For Shopping

Luggage Preparation For ShoppingLuggage Preparation For Shopping

Travel is synonymous with shopping. Also, shopping is always related to traveling. I really doubt if anyone travels, but did not do any shopping. If we are new to travel and visits new places, we will definitely shop at least a few T-shirts, mugs and other souvenirs. So, it is really important to prepare our bags and luggage to meet our shopping plans. Our luggage preparation for shopping depends on where and what we are buying.

As a young Sales Engineer, I traveled a lot. I can be in a plush, exclusive international exhibition hall, manning my company’s booth and a remote construction site a week later. In exhibitions, I would be given a commendable business suite in an international hotel, usually in commercial districts of a small city or a huge metropolitan. Did you hear that? Yes, the word commercial district.

Leave Some Empty Space

So, if I were to go to places where there are a commercial district, I knew I would be tempted to do some shopping. In situations like that, I would usually leave some empty space in my main luggage. At times, I would bring an extra bag, just in case, my shopping went a bit long and far! However, shopping is not only confined to big cities with mega shopping complexes. In small towns or remote construction sites, there are also local, special goodies that I could buy. Again, the same formula applies. I will either leave some space in my main luggage for the potential goodies I might buy or an extra soft, shoulder bag. I think, through experience, we will get better in the art of preparation and packing. We may already picture the shopping complex long before we travel and thus, what we should bring.

Mix Business and PleasureLuggage Preparation For Shopping

After all, it is always nice to mix business with pleasure. To me, shopping anywhere is a pleasure. I also wouldn’t want to come home empty-handed. It was such a pleasure seeing my wife and children’s faces when I brought back a few gifts, even a box of chocolates. I knew they never ask but I could sense their eyes hovering over my bags when I opened it. They expected something and I almost never disappoint them.

So, remember that simple advice –  leave some empty space in your main luggage if you know you will do some shopping! Also, think of the happy faces waiting for you at home and do not disappoint them.


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