Always Have One Free Hand While Carrying Your Luggage

One Free Hand While Carrying Luggage

In this short session, I would like to share one simple criterion when I go somewhere with luggage to carry. We must always have one free hand while carrying our luggage. It should go without saying that having one free hand is important. Let us explore this issue together. I have visualized the different situations a traveler goes through and tried to offer some advice. When I say one free hand, I meant your dominant, stronger hands. If you are a leftie, your left hand should be the free hand. Now, how many pieces of luggage can a person carry? I guess, three pieces would be a possible number. We can actually carry a sizeable 50L backpack, a shoulder bag, and one rolling luggage. If you want, you can add a small backpack in front of your body. You can still have a pouch at your waist. you can have all these plus one free hand. Isn’t that good?

One Free Hand Carrying Luggage To A Carone free hand

We move from point A to point B in many different modes. Even in one mode, say in a car, we go through different situations. Going to the car and getting off at our destination, are two situations we must consider when we choose what bags we should carry. When we go to our car, we need to switch on the auto lock, right? We then need to at least open the boot or a door. It would be less tedious when we have one free hand. Talking about cars, taking a cab to the airport has its little challenges too. Imagine having to lift our bulky and heavy suitcase into the cab’s boot. At the airport, we will again have to lift it off the boot. At the same time, we need take care of our carry-on, if we have or maybe, a laptop shoulder bag. Next, we need to pay the cab and move away from the drop off point to clear the lane for others. I think we all experienced the tight situations at drop-off points at the airport on certain busy days. Everyone tries to get to the designated slot to drop off passengers. At times it can be crowded with long queues lining up behind us. In those situations, we need to be quick or we would get on other people’s nerve. It could be stressful.

One Free Hand Carrying Luggage At Airportsone free hand

Nowadays, almost all airports are big. I think you know what I mean and getting to immigration at arrivals can be a distance. After that, we go to the baggage reclaim area for our checked baggage. Up till the baggage area, you are at ease minus your checked baggage. Then you take the baggage trolley and wait for the carousel to bring your baggage. After that, you push the trolley for the customs inspection. Still, you are fine because everything was on the trolley. Once you near the exit, you have to leave the cart and from there, your one free hand becomes important. First, while walking, you can reach out for your pouch or purse to get your cash out. With your purse in hand, you stop at the money changer to change some money to the local currency. After that, you started walking to a train station, a cab pick-up area or even a bus stop. This is where you really need your one free hand. You may need an extra hand to lift your baggage walking up the stairs at train stations or a bus. At a cab pick-up, you may need to buy a coupon or again, carry your baggage into the cab’s boot. Having a free hand always makes your travel smooth.

One Free Hand Carrying Luggage At Train Stationsone free hand

In our travels, there may be situations where the airport we landed needs us to get on a train to another point or to the city. In situations like this, you need one hand to buy tickets or insert your pass through a gate. While dragging a rolling luggage and carrying a backpack or shoulder back, you can make phone calls. Also, while dragging a rolling luggage and carrying your other luggage, you can reach for your travel passport if you need it. You may even need coins to store your luggage, temporarily if you need to spend some time before continuing your journey. While at a busy train station, with interconnecting train lines, you may need to walk up a few stairs among the crowds. So, if your rolling luggage is heavy, that one free hand can aid you lifting your luggage. You have to anticipate and visualize these different modes of transport and what comes with it. On trains, your free hand lets you hold on to the grab handles and side railings while standing. I think you got my point by now, right?

One Free Hand Carrying Luggage At Bus Stops

I usually took a cab to the city or my hotel but there were situations where a bus came to pick us up, as delegates. What you went through after customs and immigration is the long walk out of the airport to a bus waiting area. In my case, for that particular visit, we were given a lanyard with pre-prepared identification. With a free hand, I could quickly put it around my neck while others have to stop and struggle just to wear it. Next is getting onto the bus. The bus has a stair and railings by its side. Imagine how easy it was to be able to carry the bag while holding the railing and walk up the stairs. In the bus, the free hand can peel open the overhead bin to store my bags. I could even offer handshakes to my fellow delegates. It was helpful to have one free hand while carrying our luggage. I managed to change my money at the foreign exchange, make calls to the hotels and check my itinerary. I think we all need to do some visualization of the situations and see the importance of having one free hand.

One Free Hand As An Important Criteria

I think by now, you got the idea about how important having one free hand can be. From reaching out for the passport, keys, coins and making calls, we all know how our travels could be easier and stressless. After all, we were already tired from our long flight and we need nothing less than a nice rest. So, having one free hand reduced the stress from our travels and leave us with that extra energy we need. I hope this little article helps you in your travels and kindly comment and add your experience below so that everyone gets to share it.

Remember, one free hand!


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