Boarding The Aircraft And In-flight Entertainment

Boarding The Aircraftboarding the aircraft

Boarding the aircraft have always been a memorable event for me. I guess we have all grown accustomed to listening to that soft instrumental music as we looked for our seats and putting our hand luggage into the overhead bin. We were all busy with our own seats and luggage for that few moments. Next, we would scan around to check on our temporary “friend’ in our long flight ahead. Like the others, we tried not to greet anyone until someone give that little hint of a smile. We would smile back, still protective of our comfort zone. We do not allow strangers to encroach further, nearer to us. It takes a few minutes before we could settle down and feel comfortable. We all went through this little awkward situation initially, aren’t we?


Boarding The Aircraft And The Music

At moments like that, it comes as a relief that airlines serenade you along going through that adaptation period. At least, our mind was diverted for a while towards whatever sound that came out from the “invisible” speaker above. Next is that awkward feeling where the stewards and stewardesses start that endless smile at you. You smiled back but wondered if you really wanted to smile. They smiled back and nod at you. You tried hard to smile and maintain your composure. After a few minutes, not knowing what to do, you grabbed whatever is in the pocket in front of you. You flipped open the pages and pretend to read something which you can’t. Once in a while, you took a side glance wondering what your new neighbor was up to. Little did you know that he or she was glancing at you too!

Boarding The Aircraft – The Safety Briefingboarding the aircraft

Then, the sounds of overhead bins being locked starts to fade away and nobody was now standing except our host’s stewards. Now, they stood in attention looking at you with some strange looking toys in their hands. Suddenly you realized it’s safety time, one of the hundreds you have seen before. When everyone was ready, they started the briefing and you tried hard to keep your heads up, pretending to be attentive. You tell yourself “Come on, I know this stuff”, but tried not to offend them from your body language. Then, it’s over and you felt relieved. Next, you started to feel the plane moving and that strong burst of power from underneath. The plane starts to accelerate and you can feel the forward thrust. For a while, you forgot about your neighbor, the stewards, and their smiles. You were all eyes and ears for the take-off!

Breaking The Ice With Your Neighbor

Now, what next? Still, in your comfort zone, you start thinking, the magazine, the headphones or just sleep. Your neighbor was still there, probably. like you wondering what to do. You finally decided to put on your headphone and played with the dials. You started to look for the channel you think you like, spanning from rock to pop hits, classical, oldies and new wave. You didn’t seem to find it but refused to let the headphone off. Finally, you just dozed off without any songs played! A few minutes later, as you pretend to sleep, your neighbor gave you a little pat on your shoulder. “They are asking if you need any drinks” as he directed you to the ever-smiling steward. You pretend to feel awakened, dizzy but you actually heard everything around you. With a smile, you thanked your neighbor and that was your first official contact.

Going Through The Journey

I would usually play pop hits along my flight or some instrumental song, at times classical. My purpose is to avoid myself from having to talk to my neighbor and shield my ears from the sound of the jet engine. Apart from enjoying the music and semi-privacy, I would visualize the place I am going. My mind will move from one point to another, seeing the place or imagining it. I think traveling is a joyous activity. It starts way back probably weeks before the flight. Our heart will race excitedly waiting for the moment. We happily prepare and packed for the journey. It was all excitement. We rarely feel tired preparing for a journey. Well, I may sound bored talking about the boarding but it was actually, just the awkwardness. It was nothing more than that. The journey, was always, fun and enjoyable.

How I Travelboarding the aircraft

I have experienced flying from three hours to twelve hours and also a few all-day flights. Overall, it was enjoyable and memorable. Of course, inside the flight, we can’t do much but the anxiety going to a new place is difficult to describe. I remembered once when boarding the aircraft, I boarded a flight clean-shaven but I had to shave off my mustache at arrival! It managed to grow during that flight. It was a fourteen hours flight for the first leg, a few hours transit and another fourteen hours. It was like thirty-two hours of traveling! I remembered hearing almost all the songs in the airline’s playlist. I watched a few movies and was served almost everything from breakfast to supper. At that time, I flew business and it was at times like that you really know the value of fully-reclined wide seats with nice pillows and blanket.

By the way, I always request for window seats. I still love seeing little cars with their headlights on, moving like matchboxes at night down there! Also, my passport was always in my body, in my shirt’s front, buttoned pocket. Never leave your passport in your blazer or suit. In long flights, your suit may even be misplaced!



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