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WiFi Wherever You Travel

Today, we need WiFi wherever we travel, even in our locality, In our daily lives, we are constantly online and in demand for a WiFi signal. We are all living in the internet age and are connected with everyone. Our lives are dependant on the internet from checking on the traffic, weather, news, entertainment, posting on the many social media platform and more. Nowadays, there almost a zillion apps and application you can choose and use! I am also a well-connected guy. One of my main tasks is checking my emails regularly for any new message from my principal and orders from my customers. As a businessman, I have a few products representation and three e-commerce sites.

In my business, I have an auto-scheduler for my posts which I regularly view and of course, a PayPal account which is like my lifeline. I need all these applications almost all the time. If I am not in front of my laptop, I will be on my smartphone, online. Today, most of us have a home WiFi to offer internet access to everyone in the household. In any household today, I can bet 90% in the household has a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. So, what is the use of a laptop, tablet and a smartphone without internet access?

WiFi Wherever You Travel Away From Homewifi wherever we travel

I think, by now you would agree that having WiFi wherever we travel is as common as having a telephone connectivity. In the late nineties, communication has evolved from just voice to voice over internet protocol (VOIP), and later data and video. Now, we have a voice, video, and data over the internet for many applications. In 2004, after Facebook was launched, the world has seen an explosion of inventions and technologies connecting all of us. Prior to that, I think most of us remember Yahoo Messenger as our chat platform and also, Skype. At this time, there was already live video transmission via Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

It was such an exciting time being able to talk through video across the world. I was working halfway around the world then and it was very useful. However, during those time, getting online was still through dial-up to our Internet Service Provider (ISP). Also, the number of ISPs were very limited and slow. However, it still works although opening up a webpage can take a few minutes. A few years later, the internet went full blast for all media and thousands of applications appeared to make our life more connected.

How To Get Wifi  Wherever We Travelwifi wherever we travel

So far, we have just explored on the need for internet access and a bit of history. Now, I want you to imagine how you would get the same easy and fast access to the internet when you are traveling. Our need for internet access remains the same despite where we are going. You are now away from your home WiFi and your local ISP signals. However, there are solutions to this situation. We can still get WiFi wherever we travel. First, you have to buy a local SIM card and insert it into your phone. Once you do that, the local ISP will scan to find your phone and give you the internet access. Second, you buy an international WiFihotspot module or portable WiFi. You just switch it on at your new location and it will automatically give you internet access.

FREE WiFi Wherever You Travel

Depending on your travel needs, you may not need internet all the time. Nowadays, almost all hotels and other accommodations offered free WiFi access and sometimes, a PC. In situations like that, you can have direct access to the internet when given the password. If you travel out on daily tours, you can still snap your favorite pose. When you come back later to the hotel, you can post it on social media. In short, you still get to show off but at a different time, not live. It is delayed gratification. If you were to move away from your hotel, your internet access is gone. This is the disadvantage of relying on free WiFi. You may get an important query to reply before you go on tour but you have to wait until you get back to your hotel. It can be depressing if it involves a big sale to close.

Things To Do Without Internet Accesswifi wherever you travel

Another safe way is to leave an email message telling your customers that you will be away. It is fine for a few days but being away for a week or more can be annoying to your clients. So, wherever we are, we have a few options to be connected and safe way not to annoy others. In my case, I choose to have my own WiFi hotspot module handy in my travels. I do not rely on free WiFi. After all, it may not even be safe to connect via third-party WiFi. I also need reliable and fast internet access and downloads. In cases, like this, free WiFi is not reliable.

I find that having our own Wifi hotspot module is efficient. When I arrive at an airport, I just push one button and I gain internet access. I do not need to look for a SIM card vendor and insert a card. In big, new airports where we are not familiar, locating a SIM card vendor can be a challenge. On top of that, we have to face some language problems. So, it can become an irritation. As such, I suggest going to your own WiFi hotspot module. It helps you a lot when you are in a foreign land.


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