Carrying Luggage On Stairs At Walk-Up Apartments

Carrying Luggage On StairsCarrying Luggage on stairs

Carrying Luggage On Stairs At Walk-Up Apartments is one interesting topic to explore. I think some of us lived in apartments with walk-up stairs or in places where the houses are on different levels. In short, stairs can be found everywhere. So, we need to negotiate these stairs with the luggage we carry.

When I just started working, I couldn’t afford many luxuries. So, I live with what I had and where I could. I found and rented a nice, two-room apartment in the outskirt of the city. It was a decent, clean, quiet and new neighborhood. However, it was a walk-up apartment and I was on the third floor! I guess you all went through some difficulties too when you first started, right?

Carrying Luggage On Stairs For The Office

So, for someone lazy like me, climbing those flight of stairs daily was a “forced” exercise routine. I survived the daily grind of carrying luggage on stairs because it was only me and my briefcase. However, there would be times where I have to carry a shoulder, messenger bag for my laptop together with my briefcase. In any situation, I need one free hand to hold my car keys or my handphone. I guess these are the only luggage I needed almost all the time. So, apart from my tired legs, I am not that burdened.

Carrying Luggage On Stairs With The Family

It is only on weekends or when I have to tag along with my wife and that little VIP baby girl that I had to be a bit creative. Otherwise, I had to climb up the flight of stairs twice to fit all our luggage into my car boot. So, I planned in such a way that I utilize both sides of my shoulder and both my hands. I have to let my wife handle the baby carrier and probably a small nurse bag for the little girl’s milk, flasks, diapers and clothes. On my part, I handle both our bags and the baby stroller. At that time, I had a few duffels, a barrel and my wife had shoulder bags and totes. So, depending on what we brought, my task had always been to handle two bags and the stroller. In that way, we just made one trip down to the car and off we go. So, carrying luggage on stairs with the baby is a bit difficult but manageable.

Carrying Luggage On Stairs For Family Overseas Travelcarrying luggage on stairs

It the early nineties, there wasn’t many backpacks or rolling luggage on the market. So, we had to settle for what was the “trend” then. In one of my overseas travels with the little family of four, I bought two soft-body, big luggage with wheels for all our clothes. We also have two mid-sized shoulder bags, mostly as carry on in the flight. I handled my shoulder bag and the two soft luggage. My wife carried her shoulder bag and a baby carrier. The only difference here is I had to make two trips to carry all luggage down to the apartment’s lobby. We booked a taxi for the trip to the airport. At the airport, both the big soft-luggage goes to the baggage trolley. It was easy after that.

Carrying Luggage On Stairs For Business Trips

I travel and fly a lot in my work. In almost all my business travels, I will carry a briefcase and my laptop. On top of that, I will have a sizeable shoulder bag for my clothes. I usually travel for business meetings, tender clarifications, and exhibitions, local and overseas. At times, I went for a site visit to refineries, power plants, and even oil rigs. So, in these circumstances, my combination of luggage changed. I would have a larger briefcase, a pilot carry-on bag for my files and laptop. In this case, I will have both my pilot bag and the shoulder bag as carry-ons in the cabin. Only in a few instances did I have my clothes luggage bag into the baggage area. I did this when I have to pack in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like my safety helmet, safety boots, goggles, and overalls for site visits. These items are bulky and heavy to have as a carry-on. As usual, I will make a few trips up and down the stairs when I have bulky items to carry. In this kind of trips, carrying luggage on stairs can be tricky and tedious.

Stairs Everywherecarrying luggage on stairs

I think by staying in walk-up apartments before gave me an open training on negotiating stairs while carrying luggage. In all the business places I went, there are stairs. At times, the meeting room is on the second floor of a temporary site office. I have also experienced meeting aboard vessels parked in the dock. In exhibitions, the walk to the hall may have a few stairs that I have to climb. At some sites, vehicles were not allowed to enter. So, in those instances, I will have to carry both the pilot bag and that bulky bag for my PPE stuff. I will have to walk aside huge tanks and pipes with my luggage. Also, most of these sites are in temporary buildings with simple structure and stairs. Aside from that, I visited all rigs too. We usually flew in by helicopters and from the landing pad, there are stairs for us to walk down to the safety room for a briefing. For rigs that are close to shore, we went there by boats. At the landing point, we have to jump across to the rig landing base. Imagine, jumping from a moving base onto the rig pad with all your luggage!

Sitting here writing this memoir brings back memories when I was younger. I can only conclude that having the experience carrying luggage on stairs at home helps a lot in my business trips.



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