Quick Tips To Help You Pack Your Luggage For Traveling


Quick Tips To Help You Pack Your Luggage is my topic today. Is the topic above interesting enough to write about? Well, I don’t know about you, but since you are here, let us all explore it together. OK? How to pack your luggage?

Pack Your Luggage In How Many Bagspack your luggage

We all move a lot. It is part of our life. If I were to ask you what would be the first question you ask when you are going somewhere, the answer would be “what should I bring?” Right? I know you may have other concerns but I think this would be one of the key concern. Everyone is concerned about that, aren’t we? I always asked my self: what would happen if I missed something important? So, when you pack your luggage, sit down and list everything. You would not want to leave without your perfume, would you?

Destination And Transport

Basically, every time we decided to go somewhere, our mind goes into the anticipating and visualizing mode. Probably the first few things our mind anticipates and visualize are the destination followed by the mode of transportation. I know for sure that even for the simplest of task like going to a nearby market, my mind went through the same process. In fact, our mind would analyze the “four double u’s” and the one “edge” Do you know what that means? The thinking process revolves around the Who does What, Where, When and How! I am bringing to you some management jargon, didn’t I? I hope it is fine to divert a bit. To those who are in the know, it’s a refresher and to others, it is one little knowledge we can use and keep in our lives.

How To Pack Your Luggagepack your luggage

So, I think by now, your mind is ready to conclude what you should bring if you know the answers to the “four double u’s” and one “edge”. Let us explore together.

The “Who” And “What” Factor

The “Who” here is the doer. It can be you alone or how many people in your group. Of course, different numbers of people calls for a different number and size of bags. At times, you may have a few people but only one can carry the luggage because you have tiny little fellows as your partners. In this situation, you can still manage if you only have one infant and a child strong enough to at least push a baby stroller. In this case, you can have a backpack to fill the stuff for your two followers, a hardbody rolling luggage for your stuff and one free hand for your tickets and handphone. However, this is possible only if you need to move within an airport. I think if you have at least 2 able-bodied people in your group, you would not have much trouble deciding on who to carry which luggage.

The “Where” Factor

Next is the “Where” factor. The first and most important “where” is the place you are going. If it is a local travel by your own car, you know it is super easy. Your only consideration is the capacity of your car boot. However, if it is by cab, make sure they come to your house for the pick-up. In my case, I usually have just one big hardbody rolling luggage in my car boot and a few carry-on totes. Now, if the where is by air, which means far, you must quickly decide what goes to the baggage and what you will carry with you. Also, for your baggage that will be sent to the baggage area, make sure it is hard-body and securely locked. I would not suggest you buy a branded, big rolling luggage as we know how baggage handlers handle our luggage. Do not expect them to be “kind” to your luggage. The other luggage can be shoulder bags, totes or rolling luggage carry-on, suitable for cabin storage.

The “When” And “How’ Factor

Lastly, the “When” and “How”. Here, our concern should be what season are we traveling or any festivities involved. There are usually many travelers during holidays. So, the airport or railway station is usually packed to the brim, crowded and noisy too. So, in this situation, we should try to be “close” to our luggage at all times. Our important documents must be “locked” safely in our body. A pouch is a great accessory to have or just a shirt with a front, buttoned pockets. I think we have basically covered the “How” earlier.

The Benefit Of Using These Factors To Pack Your Luggagepack your luggage

This article is in no way comprehensive but good enough as we have covered the four “W” and one “H”. In fact, this basic criteria is applicable to almost any activity. If you listen to any news coverage, you will quickly recognize that criteria. In a short one minute, we know what happened, where and when. So, apply these criteria in your travels, from how to pack your luggage to how to find your accommodation. We will have a smooth packaging and enjoyable travels, without any problems. Imagine leaving your 120V – 240V charger adaptor for your smartphone the moment you step into your hotel room.

I have used these criteria in all my work, especially in the planning of projects and delegation of work. In engineering, for example, we do scheduling for each task. If our consideration covers these criteria in a detailed breakdown, work can be completed timely without strain to any doer or team.

That’s all for now. See you all again later.


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