The Many Types Of Accommodation To Choose From

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Types Of Accommodation

As travelers, we all want to have the best types of accommodation. We will definitely want a comfortable and safe accommodation at the place we go. I think this is the two important factors. Of course, the price is also important but I know, we would never compromise comfort and safety.So, one of the first places we start looking for accommodations is at travel sites like Trip Advisor, Expedia or In fact, most hotels have their own websites. I would suggest you visit this site and see the top 100 travel sites. Here, travels site are clearly divided into booking sites, hotels sites, travel content sites, airline sites and other sites. For the purpose of accommodation, you should spend time on booking and hotel sites with some inputs from travel content sites. Whatever sites we may visit, we must at least set a certain criterion that we want. We must decide whether we prefer a hotel room or other forms of accommodation. Once we narrow down to the types of accommodation we prefer, our search will be much easier.

Choice Of Accommodation.types of accommodation

I mostly prefer staying in well-known hotels because it is definitely comfortable and safe. It met the two main criterion easily. This types of accommodation gave me a sense of assurance. I think we should also be aware of some hotels that have similar names or a combination of phrase with a well-known name attached to it. As an example, the name continental and mandarin. I can bet you that there would be names like the new continental hotel, the continental, hotel continental and a few other mixes. It is the same with mandarin. You may be confused between Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Oriental Mandarin Hotel or just Mandarin Hotel. So, my advice is to spend time looking at their address, images of rooms, facilities and also, services offered. After that, give them a call to see if it really exists and verify by asking a few questions. As a guide, try to have an alternative hotel just in case there are last minute changes. I usually call and leave my flight number with them. So, in case there are delays, the hotel knew it and still keep our reservation. In some cities, there is hotel booking booth at the arrival hall. I did use this type of last-minute bookings but only in cities, I am familiar with.

Getting There From The Airport

In our plan, this must be included. I usually check from travel content sites about the transfer from airport to hotels. Travel content sites ate mostly written by travelers who have been to those places. From there, we know the options we have and can decode accordingly. I think the best mode of transport is by a cab. We can be assured that there will not be any stop between the two points. If the place we are going speaks our language, you can politely start a conversation with the driver. The driver can be a great tour guide for us. I usually use this tactic to get free information. They can even alert us to some areas to avoid and great places to go. Ask for their call card, if possible. I remembered visiting one huge, crowded city and I called the same taxi to be my tour guide for two days and he accompanied me everywhere for my safety and even shop with me. I bought him a thank you gift for appreciation. We became friends and my next trip there becomes easier. One more important thing is language. If you are flying into a city who doesn’t speak your language, write down the hotel address and give it to the driver. Remember, your slang may be different than theirs and they may not understand your pronunciation.

At Your Accommodationtypes of accommodation

By the time you check in you should have a clear itinerary for your visit. If you need clarifications, the reception can be a great help. I would usually scan around for any guided tours organized by the hotel.It is advisable to take a few leaflets for your reference. However, in most hotels, this information is available in the directory leaflet. You need to spend some time reading it. We must remember that some hotel websites may not be updated. So, it is always good to verify what on the website and what is on site One piece of advice is, if you just arrived from a long flight, take a rest first. I would usually take at least half a day just lying down, take a nap or sleep. Our body’s biological clock needs some time to adapt to the time difference. You must get enough rest to enjoy your visit and tour of the nice places there.

Tour Of The City

After a few hours, you should be refreshed and ready for some food before going on a tour. If possible, take along all your documents and money with you. It is just a precaution. JHowever, you feel safe keeping it in the safety box, just do it. I never leave anything behind. I have seen places where the cleaners are from third-world countries, which I simply could not trust. On the tour, the best luggage you should have is a day backpack It should be big enough to stuff your camera, some biscuits, and drinks. In many cities today, there are free hop-on-hop-off city tour buses you can utilize. So, if you have enough information, you will definitely have an enjoyable stay.

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