What Everybody Ought To Know About Overseas Travel

Overseas TravelOverseas Travel

Do you remember your first overseas travel? I am sure we all had that first overseas travel. I still remembered what I wore, my luggage, the many pockets I suddenly had and the looks I got! It was the first time I was in a three-piece suit. We never needed a blazer, let alone a three-piece suit here. It’s hot and humid all year long. That night I got strange stares from people at the check-in hall. Probably, they were mocking me in my ultra-new suit. I could see them giggling. I think they knew I just picked up my suit at the tailor and they could smell the tailor’s shop! It was an awkward and funny situation. I think the people there were just curious.

The Stranger On An Overseas Travel

On my side, I was confused. Why not? I suddenly got four extra pockets than the usual four. A few times I forgot where I put my cigarette and the lighter. Psst…I was a smoker then, but I quit a long time ago. Do not smoke OK? It’s bad for your health.

After a few minutes, I heard the check-in call. I checked in my big, maroon rolling luggage and kept my shoulder bag as my hand luggage on the plane. Next, I entered the departure gate, passed through immigration and into a totally cool and cozy area. It was a far cry from the hot, noisy check-in hall. I couldn’t believe that I would be in the air, leaving home!

Luggage For Overseas TravelOverseas Travel

When we talk about overseas travel, the first thing that crossed our mind is the word “different”. It will be an entirely different place from ours, probably different weather and definitely different culture, language, and food. So, our luggage to meet these differences would be our first agenda. Also, when leaving home for another country, we could not run away from feeling “far”. The word far will usually carry along the feeling of going for a long time. In short, we are going to somewhere different, far and for a long time. So, the first thought that comes would be a large luggage!

Types Of Luggage For Overseas Travel

What would be the kind of luggage you would bring for a long stay in a faraway land? I would suggest giving yourself at least a week for packing your luggage. In this way, you have ample time to give all your thoughts on what you need to wear and have with you. This is assuming you have a valid travel document and a visa for entering a certain country. So, the first thing to consider is clothes. If you are flying into a tropical land, you would have lighter clothes. However, when flying into a four-season land, you have more thoughts to give about the types of clothes you need. Also, these clothes are a bit thick, bulky and take a lot of space in the luggage. Inner clothing is also a must for cold weather. If you can buy it locally, you should have it handy.

Luggage For Overseas Travel As Checked Baggage

Next is where your luggage should go. It should go without saying that your big luggage is checked-in as checked baggage. The checked baggage should be made of hard-body material and be securely locked. On top of that, we must label it clearly on all sides of the baggage. When I say clearly, I meant big markings and visible from far. In airports, at the baggage reclaim area, there would be hundreds of luggage on the carousel similar to yours. Unless you have marked it clearly, you may find it difficult to identify yours. You should also approach the baggage reclaim area with a luggage trolley if you have a few big, heavy luggage. You must be ready with the keys to open your luggage at the immigration. At immigration, you may need to lift your luggage onto the inspection table and open it, when demanded.

Luggage For Overseas Travel On Transit Flightsoverseas travel

So far, I am assuming you are taking a direct flight. If you are flying in transit and changing airlines after the transit, it becomes a bit worrisome. Why? It is because your baggage handlers at the airport will need to sort out your luggage. After that, they need to place it in a holding area before transferring it into the next airplane cargo area. All these activities should be ready within the duration of your transit. During your transit, you only have whatever it is in your hand luggage or carry-ons. It is always wise to a few sets of clothing in your carry-on in case there are delays or your baggage is totally lost! That was why it is important to label your luggage correctly, especially the final destination.

Special Luggage For Overseas Travel

Earlier, we talked about different culture and language. So, if you are going to a country with an entirely different culture and language, it is wise to prepare yourself with at least a daily phrasebook and a dictionary. You must also do some reading about the religion, culture and common customs. This is vital because if you can speak the local language, people there will treat you with a little respect. Also, you could find your way around easier and know how to ask questions if you needed to. Another important item in your luggage is your local food, preferably the processed. canned version. A pack of biscuits can help you with your hunger pangs before you find anything palatable to you. I usually carry small souvenir like key-chains as a gift to the home country I visited. People love gifts!

Overseas travel, especially for the first time, is sweet and always memorable!




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