Where To Keep Your Important Documents

Important Documents Close To Our Bodyimportant documents

In our many travels, be it for business or leisure, we will definitely bring along our important documents. What then can be considered important? In our top of the list should be our identification documents – international passport, identity card, driving license, debit cards, credit cards, bank account book, flight tickets and other “must haves”. If we are in doubt about what is important, ask ourselves: what happened if I lose these documents?

Reminder About Your Important Documents

Our important documents, for once, shall never be left in our hotel room, even in the safe deposit box nor at the reception counter. It should be at our body, “pasted” to our body, advisable to put it in our front, buttoned pockets of our shirt. Another possible place is our pant’s pockets, preferably in the front pockets. I think we have heard enough stories about documents lost, even wallets, from the back pockets. Sometimes, we prefer to put those documents in our outer jackets, but at times, we need to take it off due to heat and so forth. We never know, how careful we could be when taking off our jackets. Our possible, safe position is at the front, buttoned shirt and the front pockets of our pants.

However, there is one solution to keep us all safe. We can keep all the documents in a waist pouch. A waist pouch is not only close or attached to our body, but it frees our pants and shirt’s pockets from those extra documents. An important point to note is about the waist strap. It must be secured and tight, safe from any pull. Keep the pouch in front of our body. Once we have a safe place to place our documents, we can explore the places we planned to visit.

A Backpack A Waist Pouch In Londonimportant documents

The place we visit and the mode of transport we choose varies. What can we think of? It depends on the country we visit or travel too. In London, for example, we would more than often, stay in a hotel, small inns or B&B accommodation. The mode of transport would be buses, taxis, tube or just taking the hop-on-hop-off tour bus. We can even walk between the tourist attractions. St Paul’s Cathedral, the Parliament are near to each other. So, a backpack and a pouch would be suitable. It is suitable for all modes of transport London has to offer. With a backpack and a pouch, you have two free hands to cater for your busy photography, selfies around London. You can also climb atop the city hop-on-hop-off buses easier to view London from the open second deck of the bus.

A Backpack A Waist Pouch In Agra

In India, if you were to visit Taj Mahal in Agra from Delhi, you will be more than likely, take a small tour bus. In Delhi, Palika Bazaar is quite known as a transport hub. It has an underground shopping area, a metro station and a few tourist buses operate from there. After three to four hours, you will reach Agra and the entrance to Taj Mahal is quite far by foot from the parking area. Along the road heading towards the Taj Mahal entrance, you have to bear with the many beggars approaching you. In situations like that, it is good to know that your important documents are close to you.

So, a backpack and a pouch are suitable for this short one-day excursion. India also has a vast network of inter-city andimportant documents inter-state trains. Indian trains are bound to be crowded and expect delays. A trip on an Indian train, if you were to travel to places like Mumbai from Delhi could take one whole day, twenty-four hours and more! So, your backpacks need to be stacked with drinks, biscuits or some other food. The journey, depends on the season can be tiring, hot, humid and crowded, but the view is awesome, beautiful! Indian landscape is one huge wonderland! So, for your little necessities and important documents, you need a backpack and a pouch. It should be considered as “must haves” in your packing for your travels, to any place.



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